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Resident Management Companies (RMC)

With over 4.1 million leasehold properties in the UK, there is an increasing need for residents to understand the obligations of being part of a communal environment and it is the responsibility of an appointed managing agent to ensure that a free flow of communication and information is delivered in a concise and friendly way, in order to assist residents in making informed decisions relating to service charges and services on their multi-occupancy development.

IVPM understands residents are looking for a managing agent that doesn’t have any vested interest in the contractors it appoints or only appoints in-house services. IVPM does not have any affiliations with any of the services it appoints, instead relying on proficiency, experience and cost efficiency of its service providers who will have the relevant method statements, public liability insurance and health and safety requirements.

IVPM is aware some managing agents employ inexperienced staff. IVPM only employs staff that are experienced, accredited within the industry, driven by results and are tenacious in the delivery of their service. IV’s fundamental belief is in its investment in people and processes in order to give you the service you pay for in a clear, concise and jargon-free way.

IVPM offers turn-key solutions for all of your management needs which includes, but are not limited to, health and safety, insurance, company secretary, legal enquiries and financial management.

Right to Manage (RTM)

The Right to Manage path (under the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002) is increasingly used by residents who are unhappy with decisions made relating to their development by the freeholder and/or their appointed managing agent.

The RTM process gives lessees the ability to take control of the day-to-day management of their building without having to prove any failure on behalf of the freeholder in managing their property properly and in accordance with the lease terms and relevant landlord and tenant legislation.

RTM is a simple yet formal process to create a residents’ management company, in order to empower them in making decisions relating to their development and the services therein, including the appointment of a managing agent. Finding and appointing a trusted and motivated managing agent can be the final yet crucial stage of the RTM process.

IVPM has comprehensive experience in successfully guiding residents through the RTM process, advising on its legal requirements and assisting with all the necessary paperwork, as well as working alongside newly formed companies with their future management requirements.

Please contact us if you would like more information on the RTM process.

Developer / House Builders

IVPM understands the complexities of construction trends and changes, new innovations in design, architecture, technology, materials and methodology for its construction clients and that is why IVPM actively looks at ways to assist its clients in creating optimum value in all stages of a site’s lifespan. Whether it is lease advice, company administration procedures, site-based H&S management systems for manned sites (ISO standard), facilities procurement or effective service charge budgets that meet agreed service methodologies, IVPM is a valued and trusted partner in a client’s supply chain.

IVPM offers turn-key management solutions from planning through to development handover, offering a seamless transition from corporate client to consumer. We understand that a developer/house builder’s supply chain is paramount in achieving a ‘customer for life’ and, as we work with the same ethos, we ensure our clients are supported throughout their management experience.

Mixed Use

We have extensive experience in all asset classes within property management, including mixed use.

Our infrastructure, along with our third party legal consulting services provides a holistic asset management solution for individual properties through to large portfolios.

Legal Enquiries

In addition to our block management service we also offer a legal enquiry service for residents who are existing IV clients. Individuals in the process of purchasing or selling a property, or solicitors acting on behalf of a client, will find that we are more than happy to assist in their endeavours. Please call for us for assistance or if you require further information.