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The success of a managing agent is based on its style of thinking, its emphasis and integrity towards service, transparency, clear processes and, above all, experienced, high calibre staff and contractors.

IVPM’s management solutions are specifically tailored for Residential Management Companies (RMC), Right to Manage (RTM), developers, housebuilders, corporate and individual investors and freeholders, who are looking for exemplary management services.

IVPM’s high-end and bespoke property-management solutions ensure every resident director, resident, investor, house builder or freeholder experiences a consistent, high-level, transparent service that looks at the best-management solution for each development, project or portfolio. We do not endorse a ‘one service fits all’ ethos. Instead, each and every piece of business is assessed by its own unique management requirements and the service expectations of its clients. IVPM works strictly under the RICS Code of Conduct and our staff are all industry accredited, knowledgeable and passionate about our service.

IVPM sustains, builds and adds real value to its management portfolio by the service it delivers. We proactively seek to support and manage every aspect of a development or portfolio on behalf of our client, from the day-to-day management to long-term cyclical maintenance.

We are a managing agent with gravitas.

Our Mission Statement

Quite simply, our focus is to be the UK’s most respected property management agent for service. To do this, we have established a culture code that supports our team members in delivering a service of excellence to our clients.